3 Easy Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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When you have suspicions that you have a cheating spouse you can feel very weak and vulnerable. You can also feel like the world is coming to an end and that the earth under your feet is very unstable. You can feel very disorientated and can have a feeling like you are always clutching at straws.

That’s how I felt when I suspected I was living with a cheating spouse. So what did I do to find out whether they were cheating or not. Well I used the following 3 easy ways to find out whether my spouse was cheating.

1. Look at their habits. When you live, or are around someone for a period of time you get accustomed to how they operate. People are creatures of habit so it is easy to notice if their habits have changed. If someone suddenly takes an interest in going out with friends that they never mentioned before on a Tuesday night then that will start alarm bells ringing. Also you can add a sudden interest in a hobby that just happens to take them out of the house and cannot involve you then this can also be read as an indication that the are up to something that they do not want you to be part of.

2. Look at their attitude. Again be on the lookout for changes in their attitude to you and how they answer questions. If you get the feeling that your spouse starts talking in a way that sounds vague, i.e. answers questions in a vague, non specific way like saying I’m going out with the girls/guys without at least mentioning anyone particular when questioned then they are trying not to give enough specifics to be caught out later. Someone without anything to hide will use specifics, like when questioned will say “…well Steve and John were there…” as opposed to replying “you know…the guys”

3. Look at their phone activity. When a spouse is cheating there will usually be a strange call somewhere. It is either one to be made or one that comes in at the wrong time. Most likely because they are lying to the other person as well and will have to make arrangements to meet or the other person isn’t aware of the marital situation and calls inadvertently. So watch out for your spouse not answering calls because they do not recognise the number or changing rooms to make a call.

With today’s technology it has become a lot easier to get the proof that your spouse is cheating and a lot of people have employed private detectives to spy on their spouses. That is no longer a necessary expense as a lot of the products are available over the counter and are capable of being used by everyone without any need for special training, only a determination to catch the cheating spouse. There are many services available today that simply were not available a few years ago meaning that a lot of heartache from the past need not be felt anymore.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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Marital infidelity has been around just about as long as the institution of marriage itself. In this day and age, where computers are a part of daily life, infidelity has been taken to another level. The computer has good points to catch your spouse cheating, but first we will look at the downside to the technology.

Internet chat rooms, dating sites, and Social networking pages are all places where infidelity can begin and then grow into a full-fledged affair. Without question, the Internet has made it incredibly easy to find an outlet for cheating on a spouse.

At first, even when you think you have caught a cheating partner, you may be in denial. You might make excuses about how you’re the one who is mistaken or over-reacting. Also, you can be sure that the offending spouse will deny it and make excuses. Believe me, there are all kinds of ways they will try to explain it away. The cheater might say that they were just browsing the pics, doing it as a joke, or proclaim complete ignorance of the situation.

The next step you will likely try is to gather additional evidence. After all, if you can catch your spouse cheating, you will have the upper hand. However, cheaters can be very creative in covering their tracks. Besides, they may not even use the home computer to engage in their infidelity; opting for a cyber cafe, or a computer at work.

Now, for the good part. How to catch a cheating spouse can be tricky, but the technology exists to help you catch a cheating spouse online. To up the ante you may try installing what’s known as catch a cheating spouse software. This can track the sites they visit, and every word they type into a chat room. That’s pretty powerful proof, but it may not be enough.

Hiring an investigator to find every site they are already registered at is really the only way to remove doubt once and for all. As mentioned, the cheating spouse may not be using a home computer, and you certainly can’t install software on someone else’s computer. Instead, you can provide the investigator with your spouse’s email address, and they can utilize a special search to find exactly what sites they belong to find out if your spouse is cheating.

Sadly, marital infidelity isn’t going away. In fact, in many ways it’s easier to cheat now than it ever was before. However, the methods used to catch a cheating spouse online have kept up with the changes. There is no need to feel guilty about finding out for sure, so you may as well avail yourself of all the resources that are out there.

Infidelity 101 – Sure-fire Clues You are Dealing With a Cheating Spouse

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Facing a cheating spouse is without a doubt one of the most emotionally crippling events to deal with. You have had friends go through a break up and divorce over infidelity, and now you suspect your spouse is cheating on you. You two do not seem as close as you once were. A friend might point to cheating as a reason for the sudden distance, but you are unsure. Before a full-blown attack on your significant other, I suggest you look for these signs of a cheating spouse first.

Many times a spouse that is cheating will give off subtle signs that even they do not notice.

For one, they probably will be more distracted than normal. Their thoughts are elsewhere as they daydream about their new flame.

You may notice slight changes in what they are wearing or how they are presenting themselves. Without really thinking about it, they could “sharpen up” for their next encounter with this secret lover. If they have not changed their routine for years, you will be first to notice.

Cheating on you will probably heighten there guilty conscious. You will notice they question you. General conversation starters such as, “How was your day” might get a response that questions why you want to know. They might want to qualify things more as well, giving reasoning for what or why they are doing something. For example, if they are going out, they may provide justification for their actions.

A more obvious sign of a cheating spouse could be the extra time they are spending away from home: late nights at work, and trips out of town on business are two common reasons. They may very well need to spend more time at work and there may be more trips out of town for business so don’t starting accusing right away. They would surely appreciate a visit from you with a late snack at work, even an offer to go along on the business trip would be a great chance for you spend time with them. However, if the excuses start flying out of their mouths about “why not”, you might want to dig deeper.

One last indicator of a cheating partner is the lack of intimacy. You would have to be blind and numb not to notice a change in the intimacy you two have for each other. If they are getting a good amount of attention from their new lover, the last thing they might want to be is close with you. Same goes for sex. There is going to be an excitement level with this new relationship that probably will not exist between you two – so they will come up with excuses of being too tired or not in the mood. If you are not able to discern any other issues they are dealing with that could cause a lack of intimacy, keep a close eye, they are probably getting it somewhere else.

You do not want to be broadsided by infidelity because you lacked the knowledge needed to identify a cheating spouse. Many more signs of a cheating spouse, what to do next and how to deal with all the emotions is available at my site: http://beatingcheating.blogspot.com/.

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